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Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.The glasses have been fitted with internal accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity, and proximity sensors to help with the performance tracking.The wearable is also paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which acts as the GPS for tracking and feeds analytics to the Radar Pace app.Discount Oakleys.Additionally, Radar Pace can connect to a number of external sensors used to measure heart rate, power, speed and other metrics you usually track.The whole system is brought together by three microphones and detachable micro USB ear buds, which allow the user to communicate with the computer coach.After entering age, height, weight, fitness level, overall goal and other key metrics into the app, the user is given a customised training program they will be coached through in real-time.Once started, the technology learns from each workout and completes adjustments accordingly.I tried out a prototype of the smartglasses. You can see right through them as if they were transparent, but the optics engine can project images onto the screen so that it blends in with what you are seeing in the real world.Oakley Sunglasses Store Online.


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