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To start, I called several top brands and asked them to send me their most durable pair of shades. Then, to replicate the most common sunglasses mishap, I dropped each pair 10 times from shoulder height, lenses down, onto gravel. Next, I placed them, lenses up, on my couch and sat on them five times in a row.Cheap Oakley Sports Sunglasses. Moving on, I dropped my 48.5-pound Dagger Nomad kayak on each pair three times with the lenses face up on a patch of gravel. I took it a step further by running over each pair with my mountain bike. Finally, frustrated that I couldn’t do more than put scratches on these rugged sunglasses, I ran over each pair with my 2000 Toyota Camry.Most sunglasses are tougher than you’d think.Oakley RadarLock Path Sunglass. Yes, they’ll scratch when dropped, but I had to smash them with a car to get any of these to break. And three of the models didn’t break even then.In terms of a test winner, the Julbo Explorer definitely stood out. Besides a few minor scratches on the lenses, they showed very little wear. The only downside? They look great on a glacier, but maybe a bit dorky around town.The Smith and Spy’s were almost tied because they were scratched up but still fully usable. While I was able to put the Oakley shades back together, the arms did pop off, so I ranked them third.Knockoff Oakleys. The Electric sunnies came in last, but to be fair, they stood up to everything but my Camry. And they’re easily the most steezy of the bunch.

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